The Different Types Of Microphones And Their Uses

Different Types Of Microphones

Mics are important pieces of equipment used in music production, both live and recording and in this article, we will be looking at the main types of mics used in music production and what they are typically used for. The Different Microphone Polar Patterns One of the first things to consider when picking up mics […]

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The Best Cheap Microphones Under $50

Cheap Microphones

There are some great cheap microphones out there for those shopping on a tight budget. We have rounded up the best cheap microphones for vocalists, podcasters and youtubers without breaking the bank. We have split our top picks into two categories: XLR and USB microphones. XLR is your standard microphone connection most common with vocal […]

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The Best Stage Microphones For Live Vocals

Best Stage Microphones

There are many stage microphones to choose from these days and it’s no easy task – so we’ve done all of the hard work for you. No matter what your budget is you’ll find a tried and tested microphone for live vocals that will keep you performing at your best for years to come.

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The Best Pop Filters: Metal, Nylon & Foam

Pop shields, or pop filters are designed to take away those annoying “plosive” hard-hitting syllables that can ruin an otherwise perfect recording. When we sing, air leaves our body at different rates depending on the noise we are making. Certain letter sounds such as “T” and “P” will hit the mic harder with a fast […]

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