Blue Yeti Microphone Review

blue yeti microphone

Blue Microphone’s Yeti has amazing sound quality for a microphone that is powered by USB. They are considered one of the top choices against other competing companies when looking for a studio quality microphone at a decent price. This microphone is comparable to what you could find in a studio setting for quality. Blue Microphone is known for specializing in quality microphones as well as having a professional quality of sound. With the Blue Yeti the sound pattern is amazing, has a strong build, and has an attractive design.

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Design & Functionality

The Blue Yeti Microphone has the respective dimensions: 4.7 x 4.9 x 11.6 inches for width, depth and height including the stand. Pictures of the Blue Yeti Microphone online show that it has a sleek metal design as well as a nice secure build to it. The control buttons on the other hand can seem a bit fragile. If it can be helped try not to use the control buttons as much to prolong the life of them on the device versus just using your computer to manually change the levels.

There are two ports on the Blue Yeti. One of the ports is used for the USB to power the device on and gives the digital signal to the computer. A standard sampling rate of 16 bit at 48 kHz is what the Blue Yeti has as part of its capabilities. The USB cable itself is around 6 feet long and comes included with purchase. The other port is a 3.5 mm headphones jack, allowing you to hear exactly what’s being captured as it’s being recorded or used. Each port is located underneath the device with a shock mount thread that is not included with purchase.

Blue Yeti, has a mute button and a volume control in the front facing side. Where in the back side, there is another control for gain and a four-position pattern switch. The four-position pattern switch offers: cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo picking patterns. Most microphones use a single capsule to give off a signal, while Blue Yeti, combines three condenser capsules to give a different quality of sound. In cardioid mode it can be a bit more noticeable, that can give a new sensation to your audio needs.

Sound & Quality

Blue Yeti has a rich quality of sound that can pick up background noise very easily. The mic sensitivity is good for making sure you don’t miss any sound, but at the same time, you need to be aware of where you are recording. Noise cancellation is possible depending on which picking- pattern you choose as well as what positioning you give the mic. However, a proper positioning along with right picking pattern can help to achieve a good level of noise cancellation. For acoustic guitarists, stereo mode is a great way to sound more natural.

Blue Yeti is the first microphone to have THX certification. In fact, it was the first microphone that actually earned it. THX certification guarantees the delivery of frequency range and sound quality. warrants for sound quality and guarantees the whole frequency range is delivered just the way it should – and this is indeed so. Other products may change frequencies or mute them with contrasting the natural pattern or pitch of your voice as well.

THX certification makes Blue Yeti’s sound precision, something to be proud of when you buy it but, that doesn’t make this microphone perfect without some imperfection. Blue Yeti may offer a lot of ways to have noise cancelling to get rid of noise that doesn’t take away from the sensitivity mentioned earlier. Using a shock mount is a normal way to add for microphone users to help eliminate extra noise. The non-standard measurement that Blue Yeti has would mean you would have to pick specific shock mounts to use with it.

blue yeti microphone review

The Blue Yeti Microphone Unboxed

Advantages, Uses and Applications

The Blue Yeti Microphone is great for people who want professional quality with not a lot of equipment to deal with. It is easy to use with any computer or laptop because of the simplicity of plugging in the USB and you’re ready to go. This microphone is great for people who enjoy singing, playing instruments, having a conference call and even doing their podcasts or for voiceover actors.

This is budget friendly if you are trying to have a home studio, cutting down on buying multiple piece of equipment to get the same results, and even having the direct headphone output to hear yourself as you go is a great feature. You are of course able to hear yourself with out the headphone as well.