The Best USB Microphones On The Market

Best USB Microphones

The quality of USB mics being produced recently would give any studio mic a run for the money. They are becoming increasingly popular by the day and for good reasons – their quality is amazing, its easy to use, compatible with all kinds of systems, including laptops, Macs and PCs. They are also very versatile […]

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What Is A Dynamic Microphone? (60 Second VIdeo)

Dynamic Microphones

A dynamic microphone is an extremely versatile instrument that is most commonly used at gigs, conferences and anywhere using public address systems.

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Vocal Recording Techniques ft. The Strokes, Queen, Marilyn Manson, The Beatles, Pavarotti And Bowie

Some singers have a very distinctive sound. But how do they achieve their trademark tones? This article takes a look at some of the recording techniques used to create some of the most iconic sounds in the world of music. The good news is that most of these techniques can be recreated to some extent […]

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The Microphones Of Kurt Cobain & Nirvana

Kurt Cobain used some great microphones when recording Nirvana’s albums. Although some of the guitars he used weren’t premium instruments the mics he recorded them with certainly were. When he recorded the phenomenal Nevermind album in the very early 90s he captured his raw vocals perfectly with the use of the iconic Neumann U67 tube […]

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The Best Microphones For Recording Rap Vocals From The Biggest Artists In The World

Learn which microphones the best rappers of all time used to record their classic albums.

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