How to Set Up a Wireless Microphone System

Wireless Microphones

Out of all the different microphones out there wireless microphone system setups can be the most complicated. With the newfound FCC auction of the 600 MHz (Megahertz) band of frequencies, wireless microphone users nationwide now need to have their wireless systems reconfigured. No longer do we have large gaps between wireless microphone frequencies, since the […]

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The Best Microphones For iOS Smart Devices

Best iOS Microphones

There are different types of microphones for everything these days including for the mobile operating system known as iOS. The sound quality of Apple’s smart devices has received complaints over the years. It seems that every iOS-based external device does not have adequate sound quality. This might be okay if you’re merely using your device […]

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The Best Audio Interfaces

Best Audio Interfaces

Shopping for audio interfaces can be daunting, specifically due to the overwhelming number of products. Still, this doesn’t minimize its importance – you need the best audio interface if you want to create a powerful home studio. And this applies to recording both vocals and instruments – having the best equipment can make the world […]

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The Different Types Of Microphones And Their Uses

Different Types Of Microphones

Mics are important pieces of equipment used in music production, both live and recording and in this article, we will be looking at the main types of mics used in music production and what they are typically used for. The Different Microphone Polar Patterns One of the first things to consider when picking up mics […]

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What Is A Dynamic Microphone? (60 Second VIdeo)

Dynamic Microphones

A dynamic microphone is an extremely versatile instrument that is most commonly used at gigs, conferences and anywhere using public address systems.

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