The Best Wireless Microphones On The Market

Best Wireless Microphones

We love microphones. That should be a little obvious by now. Microphones come in a variety of sizes, shapes and applications and just like almost every other technology; it is gradually drifting towards being a wireless technology. Wireless microphones have been around for a while and although in times past it wasn’t very popular, it is now becoming the main stay as far as mics are concerned. There are some models out there that deserve our time so in this article, we will take a close look at some of the best products in the market and based on our assessment, these are the best 10 models available on the market.

The Benefits Of Wireless Microphones And How They Work

A wireless microphone works when a microphone unit is connected to a wireless transmitter or receiver through a digital signal or radio frequency. This offers us the opportunity to get rid of those irksome cables and offering lots of convenience to its users. There are different shapes and sizes of transmitters/receivers. Some sit on a table and hook up to the speaker system via a wire itself while others connect to a 3.5 mm jack and transmit the sound from the microphone to the speaker.

Wireless microphones also take different forms with the most popular being handheld dynamic mics but we’ve also seen the lav types becomming quite popular, The use or intent determines the transmitter/receiver to be used in any particular situation. To help you out we’ve written a useful guide on how to set up a wireless microphone system to guide you along the way.

How To Select The Best Wireless Microphone

What is your budget? When it comes to the wireless mics, there are a vast variety of options to choose from. While some mics may go for about $20 -$40, some others may go for a couple of hundreds. Just like almost every other thing in this world, you get better quality and service with the more money you invest. Mics are no different in this regard. So consider how much you are willing to spend. Surprisingly, many of the people searching for wireless mics are looking for more than one piece in their package and before you decide on this, you need to first ascertain its use.

What do you want to use it for? If you need multiple speakers, a mic that has more than a single mic unit will save you a lot of money. If not, it might just be better to grab a single-unit high quality transmitter model. This could also be directly related with the number of mic unites you will need, as well as what you wish to use it for – perhaps you wish to use it for a seminar or for a singing performance on stage. You also have to consider other factors such as the power, wireless range etc. when deciding what you need it for.

Analogue or digital? The analogue connects the mic to the receiver through a radio frequency while the digital on the other hand transfers sound via a signal, which is usually uninterrupted like a Wi-Fi. This is usually more expensive. There is a little extra advantage that the digital has over the analogue even though they both work fine. If you feel there wont be many frequency interruptions, then the analogue might just be perfect for you. This is usually feasible in a small environment where you can control almost all factors.

The Best Wireless Microphones

Shure SLX2/SM58

For those that don’t know, the brand name Shure is synonymous with microphones. This model is the wireless version of the very popular SM58 microphone, which is sometimes referred to as the best microphone of all time. The unit itself is amazing, now let’s take a closer look at its transmitting system. This gadget makes use of the patented’ Audio Reference compound technology’ with a setup capable of auto sync. It’s an amazing choice for performing artists, corporate boardrooms, lecture halls, portable road cases, worship houses and any other wireless mic application there is. This mic has a clear transmission with their technology, which offers a dynamic range for the mic unlike the other existing competing systems that are usually restricted with a finite compression ratio; it uses a variable compression ratio. If you are looking for the single most solid microphone in the market, then you should look no further than the Shure SLX2/SM58 system

Sennheiser EW 135

This is also one of the best brands of all time. Over several years of public use, this model has made a name for itself. In the headphone industry, Senny is a brand to reckon with and this amazing technology has carried their amazing quality over to microphones. In case you need it, this model comes with an e835 cardioid dynamic capsule – a small mic clip – and an EM100 receiver. Its structure was designed with some metal housing making I sturdy. It comes with a 42 MHz – 1680 tuneable UHF frequency bandwidth. Other benefits include an illuminated graphic display (mic and receiver), an auto-lock feature to prevent you from accidentally changing settings while using the mic and some HDX compander for a lovely sound quality. If you can afford it, the Sennheiser EW 135 is a long way ahead of almost all other mics in the market today.

Shure BLX288/PG58

This is another masterpiece from Shure. Many users end up on either side of the PG58 and SM58 previously listed. This wireless microphone features a dual channel receiver with two transmitters, each having its own Shure PG58 mic capsule. The transmitter has the reliable PG58 mic capsule and the rugged ABS polymer chassis with its frame. Some other features of this model are; an on and off ergonomic control switch, a 10db pad and a single bi-colour. It comes in a very comfortable size and shape and has a lovely widescreen. A Quick scan technology is embedded in the table top designed receiver to examine the room and identify the different frequencies so it can choose the most suitable for that moment. He LED screen also displays the battery status. If you need a microphone with 2 units, then this model is the ideal choice. Its not cheap but if you can afford it, it is definitely worth it.

Pyle-Pro PDWM2100

This is one of the best affordable wireless microphones in the market. It comes with a rack mountable VHF base unit and it comes with 2 mic units. This mic is efficient for professional engagements, karaoke nights, religious events, weddings, small stage performances and so on. This mic affords the user a lot of room for mobility when he/she has to perform some active tasks. It perfect for events that multiple speakers will be used in. this is a lot cheaper than any of the ones listed above and while it may not give you the same rugged crazy digital transmitter as the ones above, the price difference is enough reason to go for this model. It costs approximately 10% of what those ones cost. This model could arguably be the best low budget mic there is, capable of perfectly handling small and possibly in-house events.

Audio-Technica ATR288W

This one of the best rated wireless microphone from Audio-Technica. It comes with a miniature lav condenser mic for people with hands-free needs for instance, the newscasters, dancers, theatre actors etc. It also has a dynamic microphone for handheld needs such as singing, talking or recording videos. It has an ultra lightweight transmitter, which uses a single 9V battery to power its compact self. This microphone works perfectly in distances between 100’’ and 300’’, making it a very strong wireless mic. For easy and quick camera mountain, it comes with a belt-clip as well as a rubber-coated antenna, which enhances reception. This system makes use of a user-switchable frequency for an interference free operation. This product is moderately priced and might just be the best mic if you need a dynamic and lav mic in one package.

Sony ECM-AW4

Here’s one from Sony. This had to come into this list based on the very high user ratings. This mic enables the smooth communication of the operator and the user thus ensuring that there is no need for an intercom system. It’s an ideal mic for filming with DSLRs especially. The transmitter and the receiver have 3.5 mm headphone jack. It comes with an armband and a belt clip to ensure that they can be easily worn r mounted. For better movement and transmitter protection, it comes with a carrying pouch. It enables one-way communication so if you’re interviewing or recording a single individual in action or you just want sound isolation, this Sony model microphone might just be the right choice for you/ its pricing is moderate and works perfectly should you decide later to use it on a camera.

GTD Audio G-380H

This is an amazing mic to go for if you need at least 4 mic units and you are willing to spend some real cash. The 4 mics and 4 receivers all have their individual volume controls, which can work around a 230 feet or 65 meters range and this isn’t bad. It has 1/4 inch for the mixed output with the four XLR separate outputs and offers the user up to 4 different frequency options. The body quality of this product is actually very high thus making it one of the most reliable models there is. It makes use of the surface mounted technology thus providing reliable quality for all its users. You can use this mic at a host of events including home karaoke, church etc.

Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8

This Shure model is very similar to the very first model mentioned above. It has a little distinct feature but still worthy of a place on our list. It has a feature for vocalists, guitarist, presenters etc. it makes use of the 24-bit wireless technology. It has an easy setup as well as an ultra clean performance capable of scanning and syncing its features so they could be used together. It functions perfectly over a space of 200 feet away from its transmitter so convenience and freedom of movement is guaranteed. You will definitely find the right system that is suitable for your needs; while you search, consider the Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8. It might just be all you need to set up an outstanding wireless microphone system.

Behringer Ultralink ULM100USB

As we draw closer to the end of this list, we want to take a look at some other mic that puts a different spin on things. Behringer is a budget-friendly gear. If you prefer some USB connectivity, this model gives you just that. The transmitters and receivers of this device are made with state of the art technology and can only work with a 2.4 GHz frequency band, which is a better quality than what is obtainable in some cell phones and TV stations. It is also very easy to replace the batteries in this wireless mic. They have the ULM USB series that ensure longer battery life. You can set the volume of the device from the microphone itself with the aid of the up and down button. The Behringer Ultralink ULM100USB is another mic that is definitely worth looking at when considering mic options for different purposes.

Pyle-Pro PDWM96

This wireless microphone is capable of obtaining sounds and putting on video cameras and audio recorders. The best part is that it is ideal for many applications. It also offers us a different spin on our list, as it is a lav mic. That said, if you need a wireless mic to serve a specific purpose, this might just be the right mic for you. Several occasions can call for a mic of this nature and they include weddings, DJ set ups, interviews and so on. There is a single channel operation on the receiver. It is a solid-state electronics and has an output jack built to 1/4”. Considering the price and the output quality of this microphone, it had to hold a spot in our list of top 10 mics. It has a direct plug to a 1/8-inch mono jack found on its transmitter. The microphone system was engineered to very low distortion and noise coloration. This is a great mic for budget audio needs. It is a great mic, with its frequency response and modulation to help ensure the sound output is solid. It might be the last on our list but that doesn’t mean every other mic on our list is better than it. The fact that this mic is also very cheap makes it the ideal choice for many budget users.