The Best YouTube Microphones

Best YouTube Microphones

When it comes to creating amazing videos for YouTube, you need more than just having HD and 4k video quality. So many people who wish to make or are already making semi professional or professional videos for YouTube often neglect the sound quality, which in my opinion, is half the entire equation. The good news is that the market is now filled with lots of affordable mics for YouTubers. We are mic enthusiasts so we have done what we usually do; comb the market to bring you the best mics and today, we will be focusing on the 10 best mics for YouTubers to help them improve their sound quality.

Selecting The Best YouTube Microphone

  • What kind of YouTube videos are you making? Just like in almost every other thing we get involved with, we have to ask ourselves: the purpose of that endeavor. The fact that we are talking about the best mics doesn’t mean the content won’t span across different dimensions so you have to be sure of the purpose. Are you a vlogger? Perhaps, you need a mic that can be attached to a DSLR. The reason for all these is that some mics work better for some condition so before you go mic searching, make sure you have identified the type of YouTube videos you will be making. This list covers most of the indoor uses and some basic functions are explained below:
  • USB microphones: we list this first and it features prominently in our top 10 list because it is the most popular microphone for YouTubers, with approximately half of the YouTubers all over the world using it. They are perfect for any tasks that will keep you close to a computer. They are suitable for gaming, vlogging, podcast, interviews etc.
  • Camera microphones: perfect for people who need an external microphone for their unit. There are few of this type on our list.
  • Lavalier microphones: this is that very small, clip-on mics that appear less conspicuous. They are perfect for filming videos outside where the mic can’t be seen. Possibly a prank video.
  • iOS microphones: this isn’t exactly common but there are some youTubers who make videos out with their phones. These are the mics that suit them perfectly.
  • Your budget –now that you have ascertained the type of mic you need, your budget should be your next line of thought. There are numerous options based on this and the quality you need as well as the design can influence the price a great deal. For a fair balance and proper representation, we cover all price points incase you need to save up more or even cut down on your budget to get what you need.
  • Additional accessories – do you need any other accessories? Including pop filters, shock mounts, stands etc. these factors should be considered when thinking about your budget. While some of these accessories come included in mic packages, you may have to buy others separately. We will specify the mics that come with certain accessories to help you make a better informed decision.

The Best Microphones For YouTube Videos

Blue Yeti

If you need a quick answer to the best microphone for YouTube question, then this model shouldn’t be far off from you. We are confident of mentioning this mic over and over again. Its reputation precedes it. The quality it offers is unmatched by any other mic within its price range although it isn’t exactly the cheapest model in the market.

It offers users the opportunity to select from four different polar patterns; bi-directional, cardioid, omnidirectional and stereo, thus offering users the opportunity to make the most of it for different applications. This mic has an in-built headphone amp with amazing gain thus offering you the opportunity to monitor results without latency. There is a mute and gain control on the mic for easy and intuitive usage. The USB mic comes with a stand that makes it convenient to use outdoors and based on the fact that it is compatible with Mac and Windows, it’s easy to see why we would open our list with this mic.

See our full review here:

Apogee MiC 96k

This is another great mic for YouTube. It offers top quality sound, similar to what is obtainable in studios. It is compatible with Mac and Windows and even smart devices that have a 3.5 mm jack thus ensuring that you are able to get high quality sound irrespective of what you are using.

It has a cardioid polar pattern as well as easily connected USB for easy use. It has a pureDIGITAL connection and offers up to 96kHz/24-bit HD recording. It offers an A/D converter, mic preamp and a microphone in a single device. It’s versatility and adaptability is another major benefit of this mic, thus ensuring it has a place on our list

Focusrite Scarlett Studio Pack

This is probably the best YouTube microphone package. This mic deserves a place on this list not just because of its top quality but also because the amount of money it saves because it comes with an audio interface and a headphone. It comes well equipped with the popular Scarlett 2i2 audio interface, which could serve as preamp and phantom power for the mic.

This model isn’t exactly the most impressive studio quality unit but thanks to its viable condenser, you have everything you need to make your semi-professional quality recording. It also comes with some monitor headphones that are very comfortable. This mic is compatible with Mac and Windows. It comes with a low-noise mic connecting and interface cable. While others with these features may be a little too expensive, this might be your best bet.

Rode NT1-A

Now, we are beginning to get into the realm of the studio recording mic, therefore, if your wish to get the best sound quality available right now, this might be the mic for you. This model is one of our favorite condenser mics. A quality YouTube mic that will offer playback options thanks to its in-built features. It has a big one-inch capsule and enables a cardioid polar patter thus making this mic a suitable choice for any video application.

The fact that it has an low noise microphone with only 5 db self-noise make ensures it holds a place down on our list. This is because this low noise feature prevents hiss or fuzz from getting into the recordings. This mic has an amazing condenser capsule and a dynamic range just note that you might need some extra phantom power or an audio interface before you can get it to work. If you intend to get a near professional sound on your videos, this is one mic you can’t look past.

Razer Seiren Pro Elite

If you are in need of a high-end user mic for your YouTube videos, then this mic deserves a second look in – especially if you intend to get a mic that can double as your gaming mic. It has an in-built 14 mm custom tuned condenser capsule.

This mic will definitely be useful for some other purposes asides YouTube such as vocals, interviews, acoustics, voice-overs etc. there is a headphone amplifier built into this mic, which is capable of working with any 3.5 mm connected headphone. This mic offers a near zero latency output when directly plugged into the mic thus giving a great quality recording in every instance. The fact that it also has an XLR output is another reason it deserves a spot on our list. Have a look at this review on YouTube for a more in-depth look:


If you were interested in the previous Rode model listed but couldn’t afford it, and you still need a USB solution, then this might just be the mic for you. This mic is perfectly compatible with Mac and windows and a little new in the market, compared o the other mics on this list. This mic is a really good choice, especially when you consider that it comes with a lot of equipment.

This mic comes with a pop filter, a desk stand, mic mount, pouch for storing as well as USB cable, thus saving you the money you would have spent buying all these. It has a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack that will ensure latency for great accuracy and has mix control from the source and mic to ensure convenience of usage. This mic sure offers top sound quality, with its frequency range being between 20Hz and 20,000Hz. No one can advise you to buy a product just because of its name but the fact that this model is made by Rode should count for something.

Samson Go Mic

This is an amazing addition to the Samson collection of mics that have been around for a while now. This mic is a contender for our budget friendly travel mic pick.

It works perfectly on both Mac and Windows and is perfect for YouTubers who wish to record podcasts, do online chats, make conference calls, etc. this mic has a decent mic condenser capsule that offers the cardioid and omnidirectional recording pattern. This gives the user the freedom to use it for different purposes. Its ability to fold into a smaller easily carried piece makes it the perfect traveling mic. It has a frequency, which ranges from 20Hz to 18,000 Hz. The quality of this product, combined with its price is the reason why this mic just had to be on our list. If you are frequent traveler, this is your mic.

Audio-Technica AT2035

This is another one of my personal favorites. It is very versatile and is perfect for home use as well as semi professional use.It is considered by some to be the best mic out there for youTubers because of its studio like feel.

It gives users the opportunity to switch between the 10db pad and the 80 Hz high-pass filters. This mic has the capacity to ensure whatever is recorded through it sound natural and clear.

It has an inbuilt sound isolation system and when you consider that it also has a cardioid polar pattern, you understand why it is worth its place on our list.

AKG C214

This is one very classy studio-grade contender for best YouTube mic. Its ultra wide diaphragm makes it possible for it to pickup any sound close to it. Its sound feel and longevity is one reason why many people rate this mic however its excellent quality to price ratio makes it one of the best mics on this list.

It comes with a unique back plate and 1” capsule that can help reduce outside noise. It also comes with a 20db attenuation pad, which can be switched to ensure the sound is loud and clear. Another outstanding feature of this mic is its bass-cut filter, which enables it record from very close proximity without any negative effect. This model isn’t exactly cheap but when you consider the quality it offers, it is definitely worth the money.

Blue Snowball

We end this list with the blue Snowball. This mic is relatively smaller than others on this list and is perfect for people who wish to film YouTube videos because it suits perfectly in the middle of your other gear. It comes with USB connectivity for easy access to recordings. It also has dual pattern recording options and perfectly works with Mac and Windows.

You can minimize distortions with the -10 db. pad and this mic comes with its stand and USB cable in its package. It is relatively cheaper than most of its direct rival and definitely deserves a place on this list. This mic is suitable for people working within a tight budget.