What Is A Condenser Microphone? (60 Second VIdeo)

What Is A Condenser Microphone

What Is A Condenser Microphone?

A condenser microphone is the single most important microphone for anybody recording vocals or acoustic instruments.

Anybody with a professional or home studio needs at least one of these things to stay in business.

They offer superior sound quality compared to other microphones thanks to their extremely high sensitivity and wide frequency response.

You can record singers, acoustic guitars, pianos and even strings, and pick up every little detail in the performance.

They are also perfect for YouTubers, radio presenters, or anybody doing voiceover work (cough)

The only downside to condenser microphones is that they are generally more expensive and can run up to thousands of dollars for the best ones.

We have written two useful guides for buying condenser and tube condenser mics: